What is Cuboid Syndrome?

by admin on June 13, 2010

Cuboid syndrome is a difficulty that occurs on the outside with the foot with the articulation among the rearfoot bone as well as the cuboid bone. It really is more common in sportsmen where it really is viewed as an excessive use kind of damage. The cuboid bone provides a lever to the peroneus longus tendon where it alters course. When the cuboid just isn’t secure the actual pulling from the peroneus longus muscle tissue subluxes the bone too much and stresses the calcaneocuboid joint, causing cuboid syndrome. The initial signs are simply a mild hurt on the exterior of the feet, nevertheless later it gets to be more painful. A typical and helpful therapy with regard to cuboid syndrome is a cuboid manipulation. Low dye strapping technique is also employed to secure the cuboid bone. Feet supports may also be thought to be valuable in the long run for cuboid syndrome.

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