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The Running Forums

June 7, 2010

Working out by going for a run is one of these physical activities which includes little or no restriction put on it when ever as well as where. It is possible to run at any time as well as workout where you want to.. The only restraint is actually the requirement of an excellent set […]

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Applying Tai Chi to Running

May 30, 2010

There are various running strategies which have been being touted for example pose jogging, without shoes trianing as well as chi running. They all have their particular proponents and also promoters that tout their approach as the most effective. Chi running is a approach which recommends the usage of a midfoot contact as well as […]

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Running Shoes From Asics

May 26, 2010

The Asics company could be considered one of the market leaders when it comes to athletic shoes creativity and also technologies. The corporation started out creating footwear about the late 1940’s yet has been created in the current kind in 1977 using the merging of 3 businesses, Onitsuka, GTO and also JELENK. They consider themselves […]

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Barefoot Running

May 10, 2010

Barefoot running is something that is done by a small minority of runners but is getting more news media attention. As we were originally created to run without running shoes on soft ground in order to survive it is claimed that this is the way we should be running now. However, since that time we first […]

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