Pitted Keratolysis of the Foot

by admin on April 24, 2011

A disorder on the feet often known as pitted keratolysis is pretty common and also truly does create a certain amount of worry. It’s common within feet that will perspire a lot. The affliction regarding pitted keratolysis could be because of the microbial contamination that develops from the moisture. The look of the concern is numerous pits or openings inside epidermal skin, for this reason the definition of pitted keratolysis. There can even be a feet odor at the same time a result of sweating. Treatment plans regarding pitted keratolysis would be to stop the sweating of your feet via humidity absorbing hosiery along with footwear and make use of drugs that can help this. A good antibiotic are usually necesary to deal with the infection that triggers the actual pitted keratolysis.

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