Functional Hallux Limitus

by admin on June 14, 2010

The hallux or big toe articulation of the feet are a very crucial articulation regarding standard foot functionality. This is actually the articulation that the body rotates forward over, therefore any restriction with movement offered at this great toe joint is most likely to produce troubles. The trouble can take place within the articulation itself or may come about at additional joints which are usually required in order to move at the period when the articulation should certainly not always be moving. The actual most well-known reason behind involving the limitation associated with motion from this particular joint is actually the disorder widely known as functional hallux limitus. This will be labeled functional hallux limitus for the reason that this is actually functional, in that this just comes about when weight bearing along with there is actually a total range of movement throughout the feet are up in the air. Hallux is actually the medical expression for the big toe; and also limitus is clearly the reduction throughout action. Hence functional hallux limitus is any restriction associated with movement involving the actual big toe articulation that merely occurs when the actual feet is upon the actual floor. The actual trigger of functional hallux limitus is actually not clear with some believing that it is a primary problem and also other people thinking this is the actual end result of hindfoot rolling inwards. The actual treatment for functional hallux limitus will be generally some type of foot orthotics which can be specially designed to help help movement from the big toe joint.

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