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by admin on June 21, 2010

Most webmasters know that getting backlinks to a site are a prime way to help a website in the search engines rankings. There are many ways to get backlinks and plenty of advice of how to get them. There is also plenty of bad advice on how to get them as well. The search engines consider a link as a vote of confidence in a website and so use this in their rankings. Backlinks that are obtained easily by a webmaster are essentially self-votes which generally are not going to be given as muck link juice as other types of links. A commonly recommended way to get links is to post messages in forums and include a link to your site in the signature. Many webmasters do this and unfortunately are angering forum owners by posting nonsense posts.

The advice to build backlinks this way is bad. Google’s PageRank is one way of measuring the value of a page and how much link juice that a backlink is worth from a page. However, PageRank is given per page and not per site. So almost all discussion threads on forums will never get above a PageRank of 0 (the lowest). Also the link juice that a link gets to pass on has to be shared with all the other links on the page the links is on. The average forum discussion thread has over 100 links on it. There are the top and bottom footer and navigation links; there are the threads and breadcrumb links; there are the advertising links; there are the tread tools links; there are the posted messages links; there are the profile links; and there are the other signature links. So an average forum discussion thread has over 100 links that have to share the PageRank of 0, which means that each link gets almost no link juice.

Search engines may show a backlink from forum signatures in there backlink sample, but that does not mean that the link is actually passing any link juice. Forum signature links are really not worth the effort and time is better spent getting backlinks that pass more value.

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