What is the Cause of Foot Odor?

by admin on September 4, 2010

A foot which has a bad odor can be an difficult to deal with issue when you remove the shoes off. The actual smelly foot is a kind of trouble today as well as affects all age groups and sexes as well as people coming from almost all walks of life. Smelly feet or foot odor is caused by a mix of factors. The most frequent predisposing variables is definitely the increased levels of sweat that stays about (this is known as hyperhidrosis). The specific foot odour or smelly foot is in fact as a consequence of microbes breaking down that moisture. The particular sensible technique to cope with this matter is always to diminish the perspiration; in the event that that doesn’t help, then it’s a matter of eliminating the perspiration; if that doesn’t help, then your tactic is always to cease the actual break down from the bacterium. There are many different treatment options for each of these strategies for foot odor.

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