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by admin on August 8, 2010

Internet marketers often want to know simply how much traffic they get to their particular web page and also how that correlates alongside their rivals. Regrettably right now there is not any real solution to understand what your competition are getting. Certainly they desire a lot more than their particular competitors. Several site owners use the particular Alexa rankings being a way of measuring visitors. Nevertheless the Alexa rankings are problematic and also not impartial to the level that they don’t possess plenty of meaning. The company collect info about the websites that users which have the actual Alexa plugin set up in their internet browser. The company declare that an impressive 1 million searchers possess the toolbar set up. Alexa after that ranks web-sites based on how many site visitors they acquire. The actual most visited web page will be rated 1. If a internet site comes with a Alexa ranking of , say, 578, it means that it is the 578th most visited website on the internet.

The problem using the rating is actually that it is one-sided group of people that make use of the Alexa plugin. They will are more computer focused compared to common net searchers, therefore the Alexa ranking will be one-sided toward much more webmaster focused sites that these searchers often go to. The actual Alexa position also means practically nothing. It’s not used by yahoo and google or even other things to rank a web site. Furthermore, if a web site wants to increase their Alexa position, they will just need to put in the plugin and also check out the website once or twice on a daily basis (better yet when you have quite a few colleagues that can do it as well!).

How to improve the Alexa ranking?

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